Baby Braided EarBands for Cochlear Implants and Hearing aids

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A modern stylish new way of retaining those hearing aids or Cochlear Implants. Our soft braided headbands will give you peace of mind that you or your child’s device will be in place. Also designed to make sure the microphones are not covered to optimal sound processing.

Recommend for 2months-12months  

**If purchasing for a hearing aid, please leave the note in the comments to seller at checkout so we can accommodate. They can come in 2 ways. One single silicone lined elastic loop to easily attach and grip the device or you can get 2 loops with the first loop being skinnier.

Most just get one loop but it is totally preference and does not affect the security and the way it is worn. You will just leave your preference in the note to seller at checkout!

These are sold individually

*Not all colors will have color coordinating loops. Default is white in the EarBands that do not have coordinating colors