Our Story


Paisley Novella, my daughter, is the reason why I started Little Peanut Baby.
Unknowingly to us at the time, Paisley was born with an aggressive Brain Tumor that was thought to be Rhabdomyosarcoma(rare soft tissue cancer). We didn’t find out until she was 3 months old when symptoms that she had since birth such as facial paralysis and projectile vomiting, wasn’t getting better. 


Being a Christian household and having many friend and family also believing in the power of prayer we turned to God and people all over the country was praying for our baby. By the Grace of God our daughter was completely healed in 3 days from her diagnosis! He exceeded our expectations! Everyone was so amazed! The Doctors were speechless and had no explanation. It was all over the hospital and other Doctors and nurses were coming to the PICU to see the Miracle. The local news stations were showing up at our home to interview us and we even got to film with CBN 700 club.

Unfortunately the tumor was so aggressive it ate through her mastoid bone, ate away at her hearing bones, hearing nerve and deteriorated her skull and had left her with a speech delay. Do to the fact that she has conductive and sensorineural hearing loss, reconstructive surgery would not benefit, hearing aids, CROS system have all failed. Our last option, that the Drs are very hopeful it will work, is getting a cochlear implant! Unfortunately our insurance has denied paying for it being they believe hearing devices are unnecessary and so we are left to pay out of pocket for the surgery. The device and surgery will cost us over $51,000!

I had always made Pacifier Clips for my baby, friends and family and thought I would start this little business to help pay for the monstrosity amount of her surgery. All proceeds go towards her Cochlear Implant. All we want is to give our daughter the best chances of succeeding in life.

Thank you for supporting my small business and every clip makes a huge difference. ❤️